A history of innovation


Our Story

Rebuilt For The Way You Play

BullFrog® Sunscreen was born in 1985 and engineered for surfers who stay in the water all day. It was the first sunscreen to offer water resistant sun protection, so naturally the brand quickly won favor up and down the California coast as essential gear for outdoor adventures.

BullFrog® Sunscreen won acclaim for being a product innovator with new technologies and products unique to outdoor enthusiasts who want ultimate performance.

  • First in water resistant sun protection.

  • America’s #1 selling sunscreen & insect repellent 2-in-1 combo.

  • First in developing products and technologies specific to your needs as a passionate outdoor athlete. 

  • Just your favorite forms at the right SPF level. The Right Gear for the Right Sport - that’s it. 

BullFrog® Sunscreen has become an iconic brand loved by ball players, golfers, fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. Just ask our partners.